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18 April 2011 @ 06:55 pm
Hi there! Thank you for visiting my dolly profiles! :)
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! ✡

Name: Matsuyama Hisahito (松山 悠仁)
Birthday: 5th April 2008

Age: 25 years old.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Turquoise
Nicknames: Hisa, Hisacchi
Piercings: 2 on the right ear.
Height: 165 cm.

Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Related to: Younger Brother of Kazuhito Matsuyama.
Languages: English, Japanese.

[Technical Details]
Doll Sculpt Name : Cerberus Project Delf Shine (Type 2)
Limited? : No, but discontinued.
Hybrid? : Yes, with Little Monica Harmony Boy G Body
Wig : Spite & Malice
Eyes : Artistique
Faceup : Poppy

Easy-going guy, is occasionally flirtatious and an airhead. Although he does not seem like someone who takes work seriously, he gets the job done eventually. He might have a brother complex which he is unaware of.

Loves: Anything he looks good in - he usually dresses in bright colours.
Dislike: Women who pester him.

He works as a designer & photographer under the label 'Marionette Designs', which is a branch of the Matsuyama company. In the past, he wanted to be a bassist of a visual kei band, but it was met with strong objections from his brother, Kazuhito. Despite so, he would sometimes help out at Hideki's office as a costume designer for visual kei bands.

Although he is holding a Japanese passport, his command of English largely exceeds that of his Japanese knowledge since he has attended schools in America until the age of 18 years. Hisahito takes after their Caucasian mother.


(Picture to be updated)

Name: Matsuyama Kazuhito  (松山 和仁)
Birthday: 27th August 2008

Age: 28 years old.
Hair: Dark Brown.
Eyes: Grey-Blue.
Nicknames: Kazu.
Piercings: None.
Height: 172 cm.

Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Related to: Older brother of Hisahito Matsuyama.
Languages: Japanese, English.

[Technical Details]
Doll Sculpt Name : Cerberus Project Fairyland Feeple Riff Sleeping (Mod)
Limited? : No, but discontinued.
Hybrid? : Yes, with IOS 60cm Body
Wig : Sunny World
Eyes : salafina
Faceup : lightlybattered

Unlike his younger brother, Kazuhito appears to be a cold and strict person. However, he is actually a caring person which many do not know of.

Loves: His personal space, reading.
Dislike: Liars and those who mess up his stuff.

As the elder brother, he has to assume many responsibilities such as taking over the firm and taking care of his younger brother as well as all the staff in the company. The result - he hardly has any friends of his age. During his free time (if any), he likes to spend his time reading and enjoying his coffee in the study.

He was raised in Japan as such his command of English lags behind that of his younger brother. Sometimes, he might call upon Hisahito to help deal with foreign partners. Kazuhito takes after their Asian father, but has a bit of Caucasian genes reflected as well.


(Picture to be updated)

Name: Asamoto Hideki  (浅元 秀樹)
Birthday: 20th August 2009

Age: 26 years old.
Hair: Sliver/Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Nicknames: Hid-chan
Piercings: None.
Height: 162 cm.

Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Related to: Unknown
Languages: Japanese.

[Technical Details]
Doll Sculpt Name : Volks Cecile The Scarface Ocean of Deep Black Version
Limited? : Yes
Hybrid? : No, Volks SD13 Boy Body
Wig : FURR by Thereif on DoA
Eyes : Enchanted Doll (http://e-d.co.kr/)
Faceup : lightlybattered

Oblivious to surroundings, does things at his own pace.

Loves: Visual Kei, Blue Roses, Dangly Jewelry
Dislikes: People to talk about his past.

He works as a producer for indie visual kei bands as well as a model for Marionette Designs. However, much remains unknown to his background or how he got the scar. Hideki is often seen in the company of his childhood friend, Yasu.


(Picture to be updated)

Name: Inoue Yasu (井上 康)
Birthday: 04 June 2016

Age: 23 years old.
Hair: Light Blonde
Eyes: Light Grey
Piercings: None.
Height: 160 cm.

Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Related to: Unknown
Languages: Japanese.

[Technical Details]
Doll Sculpt Name : Volks Sweet Dream Lucas
Limited? : Yes
Hybrid? : Yes, Volks SDGr Boy Body
Wig : Unknown
Eyes : Unknown
Faceup : Dybbuk

Appears as a gentle and frail looking boy, but looks can be deceiving.

Loves: Being in the company of Hideki & his flowers.
Dislikes: Being dragged into things.

Being Hideki's only childhood friend, Yasu knows a lot about his past but keeps mom about it. He works as a florist but also as a part-time model for Marionette Designs. Despite how his looks, he has been secretly protecting Hideki behind the scenes for many years.
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22 December 2017 @ 03:31 pm
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